Aappam & Parotta

We have the best aappam in Dubai

Aappam kadai offers a diverse range of culinary experiences for our customers to enjoy, but we are particularly proud with our aappam, which we believe is unlike any of its kind in the city. If you want to taste the best aappam in Dubai, come visit Aappa kadai today.

What is the aappam?

The aappam or appam is a bowl-shaped type of bread that is cooked pancake-style. Traditionally eaten during breakfast or dinner, the appam takes on different variations from the various cultures and communities that have adopted this unique dish. As a result, the appam has become a suitable partner for a wide variety of tasteful dishes.

There is the plain appam, made of fermented rice, salt, yeast, and a dash of sugar. Preparation of the plain appam often takes some time, as the mixture is often allowed to settle for a couple of hours before being fried in oil. This variation is often fairly neutral in taste, which is why it is often served traditionally as a sidekick to mutton stew, egg roast, or kadala curry. There is also the palappam, which is largely similar to the appam, but made creamier and sweeter with a spoonful of thick coconut cream lathered inside.

The best appam in Dubai – the same authentic and traditional taste, infused with a unique flair

At Aappa kadai, we look to strike a balance between the authentic flavour of the bread and our very own unique recipe for it. To achieve this, we took to great lengths to find out the ancient food preparation techniques that made the aappam such a unique and widely-accepted dish in different countries and cultures. Drawing inspiration from these well-kept family recipes, Aappa kadai is able to offer the best appam in Dubai, cooked the same way they used to cook it years ago, but with our own twist!

We use a rich mixture of coconut milk and fermented rice batter to create our unique take on this flavourful staple dish. From our vegetarian variations to our non-veggie offerings, you will not run out of new culinary experiences any time soon!