Seven Styles of Aappam Available at AappaKadai

AappaKadai brings you extremely soft Aappams that are just perfect to fill our tummy. We have made a fusion

The Best Chicken in Town

Your very own AappaKadai offers the best chicken in town. Ask us for chicken dishes of all variety ranging


Biryani, a South Asian mixed rice dish generally made of spices, rice and meat is everyone’s favorite.

Chinese food done to perfection to suit your taste buds

Chinese cuisine includes styles originating from the diverse regions of China and also from Chinese people from other parts

Malabar dishes at the tables of Aappa kadai

Aappa kadai is known for its mouth-watering dishes and now, you have its latest menu with Malabar dishes at

6 Fabulous South Indian Desserts

South India is extremely well-known for its amazing selection of desserts that have been treasured since times immemorial. Whenever

Popular south Indian drink - Filter coffee

The South Indian filter coffee is by far the most famous form of coffee in the South of India.

What can you do with leftover Idlis?

Idlis have traditionally been eaten all over South India for their impossibly light and soft texture and wonderful taste.

Different varieties of Dosa for breakfast

Do you always crave to have Dosa for breakfast but don’t know what to order? Don’

South Indian snacks you can easily carry when travelling

Planning on undertaking a road trip? Or are you looking for snacks that you can carry while you are

7 days’ menu for your husband

7 days’ menu for your husband's tiffin box


Looking for options

Popular kid friendly South Indian dishes

Looking for dishes from the South Indian cuisine that will bring a smile to your child’s face?

From delicious chutney to lip smacking curries

Have you been looking for an exotic treat for your taste buds? Well then you should definitely checkout the

Ancient secret of eating food on banana leaves

Have you always been intrigued with the way food gets served on a banana leaf? And did it get

Make Healthy Choices At South Indian Restaurants

South Indian cuisine is one of the most sought after cuisines amidst the Indian cuisines. There are a number

Hosting a Feast For Four South Indian Guests

Are you planning to host a feast for your South Indian friends and associates? And are you trying to

Sea Food that provides Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Proteins

The human body, the most wondrous miracle of God that it is, has the potential of making almost every

How Chinese Cuisine Made Space on Indian Food Platter

In China, it is rather seldom to find someone feasting on noodles as a standalone dish. More often than

Origin of Biryani and Its Journey across the Globe


More often than not, food is a combination of the natural largess of a place, the

Tandoori Cuisine - A Healthy Meal Option!

Let’s face it, all of us love eating out! The royal experience of being served with a

South Indian welcome drinks that will make your guests keep coming

Welcome drinks help in elevating one’s appetite and sets the course for the meal. They are a

Dubai wakes up with variety of breakfast options


Early mornings can be made lovelier in the company of a lovely breakfast. It is a

Things only a masala dosa lover would know

Are you a great connoisseur of food? Then you should have definitely tried out the “Dosa” specially

Top 10 Popular South Indian snacks Dubai loves to eat

Having snacks is one of the favorite pastimes for food lovers. The enchanting fact is that there are a

Traditional South Indian Foods You Need To Add To Your Palette For A Healthy Diet

Food, clothing as well as shelter are some of the most basic and important needs of human beings. We

All you need to know about Eating culture in South India

Every part of India is diverse and so are the South, North, West as well as East. An important

The origin of Aappam

India is an amazingly beautiful, diverse and multi-cultural country that offers different kinds of cuisines to the world. Some

Healthy Summer Meals You Must Switch Over To

The dreaded summer season is here, and from what it looks like, here to stay!        

Aappam with Stew- A Heavenly Combo When You Are Half Hungry

More often than not, the hunger pangs manage to get us caught between two meals.    

Switching to South Indian Diet for Weight Control

Yes. That’s true!

For all we know, you can always rely on the rather wholesome

Family Get-Together and Malabar Cuisine

The renowned American chef and author, Julia Child once said,

“Dining with one’s

All That You Need To Know - Why South Indian Meals Make for an Amazing Breakfast

Breakfast- the first meal of the day, after the body has rested over the night.